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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Protect your children! Republicans recruit!

I'd never heard of tiny Grays Harbor College in Washington state until I came across a rather striking story about it while looking for news articles to link to on my Democratic club's web site. (Just in case you're interested, the news page is here. ... How's that for a shameless plug?)

It seems the college's gay-straight alliance received a rather unflattering appraisal from a member of the student senate. According to the story in Grays Harbor's The Daily World:

The gay-straight student alliance at Grays Harbor College will not file a formal complaint against a student senator who believes being gay is “bad behavior.”

But Jeremy Vaughn, president of the club, is still asking for an apology from Amanda Plumb for comparing his group to a “pedophile club” during a student senate meeting.

Plumb told The Daily World Wednesday she hasn’t spoken to Vaughn. She said she has retained legal counsel and must be “cautious about what I say or don’t say.” Plumb declined to identify her lawyer but said he’s a member of her church and is offering his advice free of charge.

The county Republicans, meantime, are going to give her a “warm welcome” at their meeting tonight.

That's only the opening few paragraphs of a much longer story, but in those brief introductory words there are a couple of statements that raise questions among enlightened readers (ie., readers who don't goose-step to the Repugnantcan/religious reich agenda.

First, there's this gem from future mutiple divorcee Amanda Plumb: She said she ... must be “cautious about what I say or don’t say.”

Ummmmm ... Miss Plumb, if you're going to go around comparing gay organizations to "pedophile clubs," perhaps you should consider that the best time to exercise caution in what you say is before you open your mouth to spew venom, you ignorant, bigoted Republi-bitch.

Secondly - and hold on to your hats for this one 'cause it's a shocker! - is this bit of journalistic revelation: The county Republicans, meantime, are going to give her a “warm welcome” at their meeting tonight.

Holy crap! The Repugnantcans are actually celebrating such ill-tempered, brattish behavior by an adolescent? It boggles the mind! Who have thought it?

Do you think Repugnantcans give our toaster ovens to those who recruit young people away from the light and into the darkness of their twisted lifestyle? Inquiring minds want to know!