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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Have you seen this guy lurking around?

Take a good look at the guy in the photo. Have you seen him lurking around Kansas City where he now calls home? Ever seen him driving through Penn Valley Park and slowing down to cast an appraising eye at the hustlers plying their trade there? Or furtively darting in and out of booths at that last bastion of the closeted, shamed and self-loathing, Erotic City? Or perhaps bumped into him in some suburban mall's men's room?

If so we want to hear from you.

Just who is this guy and why would he be hanging out in such lurid places? He's "Rev." Andrew Comisky, director of the "ex-gay" program Desert Stream Ministries. Today I found out, courtesy of an op-ed he wrote for The Kansas City Star, that he and I both live in Kansas City.

So naturally I'm curious about my neighbor who claims to be a former homo-seck-shul and want to make sure he's appropriately welcomed to town by Kansas City's gay community.

So if you bump into Andy is some gay venue, drop me a note to about it so I can share it with everyone else and we all can give Andy a big ol' "howdy" when we see him out and about.