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Monday, December 26, 2005

The blogs you really should be reading

Tuesday I re-enter the work force. After nearly six months of the frustrating, endless rounds of job hunting, sending out resumes, collecting "your skills don't meet our current needs" letters, and sitting around the mailbox on Wednesday afternoons waiting for my unemployment check, I'll once again be setting at a desk where I'm not surrounded by sleeping dogs nor distracted by Osama bin Kitty climbing my leg or doing the feline version of the happy dance across my keyboard.

As happy as I am about once again being a productive member of society, there will be things that get moved to the back burner while I'm putting in my 40 hours a week. One of those things, unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for those that read this and think What a monumental waste of band width!) will be my blog. I won't be giving it up entirely, but between holding down a fulltime job, serving as vice president of communications for my LGBT Democratic club, and doing daily updates on my club's news and opinion link pages (How's that for a shameless plug?) finding the time to keep my blog updated on a regular basis will be problematic at best.

So, if I'm not going to be blogging as much as I'd like - and you know I just love to express my opinions! - the least I can do is offer those who stumble across my blog the option of finding other blogs that get "The KweerWolf Seal of Approval." These are, in my opinion, some of the best blogs on LGBT issues that the Internet (or "Internets," as our bumbling president calls them) has to offer. They are the kind of blogs I'd like to hope this blog could evolve into one day.

So, without further pontificating, here's my list of the best LGBT blogs on the Web:

Pam's House Blend - Yeah, I know we gay men are supposed to get all goofy and nervous around lesbians, but Pam Spaulding has become my favorite blogger. She's got a unique way of covering the news that combines humor with just enough "this pisses me off!" in-your-face outrage to make a really potent ... ummmm ... house blend. She was also recently voted the best LGBT blog, narrowly beating out a gay male blogger whom I'm sure got votes strictly on the basis of the provocative poses he struck in some of his blog photos. Pam's victory reassured me that occasionally substance wins over twinkish style.

BlogACTIVE - I don't know where Mike Rogers get his energy to maintain his blog and keeps his news site, PageOneQ, going, but I'm glad he does. People have really been taking notice of Mike's blog. He's a worthy successor to the blogger/activist mantle of John Aravosis of AMERICAblog fame.

AMERICAblog - Speaking of John Aravosis, no body does it better. John has long been popular, but when his blog "outed" fake White House "journalist" Jeff Gannon as a former $200-a-hour prostitute who went by the nickname "Bulldog," his blog's popularity entered the stratosphere.

DIRELAND - Blogger Doug Ireland is a free lance journalist. If you haven't heard his name, chances are you've read at least some of his stories such as the coverage of Iran's executions of gay men and his coverage of news from the nation's capital.

Good As You - OK, enough heavy topics. For a lighter look at LGBT news, check out this blog. Not only is it a great source for news, but it's "lighten-up" approach may actually enduce some chuckles.

The Republic of T. - Looking for a really different perspective? Then check out this blog written by a blogger who describes himself as "a left-leaning, thirty-something, black gay man, a father, a partner, a vegetarian, and buddist, living and working in the metro-D.C. area."

The Petrelis Files - Jumping to the other side of the country, Michael Petrelis is a veteran gay, AIDS and human rights advocate who made appearance on NPR, ABC, CNN and even "The O'Reilly Factor" on Faux ... oops! I mean FOX News.

Wayne Besen - A little bit of history. Remember the story of John Paulk, the former-drag-queen-and-druggie-turned-"ex-gay"-leader who was featured on the cover of Time magazine a few years back and was then discovered trying to pick up men in a crowded Washington, D.C., gay bar? Wayne Besen was the one who "outed" the definitely not-out Paulk, who subsequently lost his job with James Dobson's homophobic Focus on the Family. Wayne later wrote a book on the incident (and the entire sham "ex-gay" movement) called Anything But Straight. Wayne covers all sorts of LGBT news ... but it's a particular delight when he goes after the "ex-gay" crowd.

Ex-Gay Watch - Speaking of "ex-gays," don't let the name of this blog fool you. They cover a wide range of LGBT news.

ByCDOldenburg - C.D. Oldenburg describes himself as a free lance journalist "with way too much time on his hands." Personally, I'm glad he has all that free time. His blog is a joy to read. Now if he'd just update it more often. (Are you listening, CD?)

Mike Tidmus blog - Here's another blogger I love to read ... and would love to read even more of if he'd just update his damned blog! Oh well, even his old stuff is great (and usually quite funny, too).

QUEERTY - Gotta love the irreverance that comes naturally to these bloggers! They describe their blog as "a healthy mix of style and fashion, entertainment and celebrity, news and politics and, yes, relationships and sex." I couldn't agree more!

Queer Day Magazine - Lively news blog with plenty of brief news items (for those of us with short attention spans). Kudos to Philo Hagan for a well-done blog site!

Michaelangelo Signorille - blog and news site from the famous author and activist who started the trend of "ouoting" closeted 'mos back in the days of the defunct Outweek magazine. He can still come up with a great story, but frankly - at least in my opinion - he can be just a bit full of himself these days.

And there you have them. Kweerwolf's Top 10 LGBT blogs (Give or take four). Enjoy!