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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

I (heart) "ex-gays"

I love "ex-gays"! I really, really do! All that smarmy faux sincerity they exude is just icing on the cake for the main attraction: They provide a never-ending source of amusement.

Take, for example, Stephen Bennett, the founder of the Stephen Bennett Ministries and possessor of poofy hair of the sort no truly straight guy has worn since America celebrated the bicentennial. Not content with traveling around the country "sharing his music, message and Christ-centered, life changing story of complete freedom from homosexuality" (according to his web site), Stevie and his doting wife, Irene, have announced they would begin broadcasting their own radio show on Oct. 31. (That's right ... Little Stevie has chosen the highest of the Gay High Holy Days, Halloween, to launch his radio program! Tres ironique!)

According to Stevie's web site:

SBM’s brand new, daily half-an-hour radio broadcast Straight Talk Radio debuts worldwide on October 31, 2005! Listen 7 days a week (STR’s Weekend Edition streams ON-LINE only.) Check your local Christian radio stations for programming guides, as radio stations will be added periodically. Currently, Straight Talk Radio will be debuting in 8 states nationwide! And for those of you who don’t have Straight Talk Radio on your station yet, you can listen in EVERYDAY – ON DEMAND, right from your own computer! Simply log on DAILY to!

Do you want to have Straight Talk Radio air on your local Christian Radio Station? You can help SBM proclaim the truth about one of the most important and controversial topics of our day: homosexuality. Why not prayerfully consider SPONSORING the weekly program on your Christian Radio Station? Your sponsorship is 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE and could help reach MILLIONS worldwide, and THOUSANDS in your immediate area! Call SBM today at 1-800-XXX-XXX (You don't think I'm gonna give then THAT much publicity, do you?) and ask for Amanda Sova for further information on how to sponsor Straight Talk Radio on your Christian Radio Station today!

Check out the site for their show and you find a banner headline reading "Blonde, bold and brash... It’s Christian Radio with an edge." I'm assuming the "blonde" refers to Irene since Stevie is definitely a brunette (though a touch of highlights in that poofy hair and he might "pass" as a blonde in much the same way he passes as straight now).

Underneath the logo and their photos (positioned at opposite ends of the logo, rather then showing the loving couple together in the same shot) is this gem: "She’s the woman that stole his heart. He’s the former homosexual man. Now married and on a mission… they’re out to set the record straight."

Frankly, that sounds like the tagline for a really bad sitcom. Sort of an anti-Will and Grace that might show up on UPN for a week or two before being relegated to that dark place where failed sitcoms end up.

Another ironic touch on the web site is Stevie's liberal use of the inverted pink triangles that were used in Nazi concentration camps to signify homosexuals (and later taken as a symbol of the gay rights movement). All down the left-hand side of the site are pink triangles meant as "bullet points" for the various links. Hmmmm. Stevie certainly does appear to like those pink triangles for some reason!

But there's one final irony that even Stevie and Irene could appreciate. If you mistakenly type the ubiquitous "dot com" instead of the "dot org" at the end of Stevie's radio show site you end up at a very different radio program ... Air America Minnesota which bills itself as a place "where left is right and right is wrong." It will be interesting to see how many of Stevie's dozen or so listeners will turn in to the wrong site and, instead of hearing Stevie and Irene rail against the "homo-seck-shul lifestyle," end up getting enlightened by the likes of Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, and the rest of the Air America team.

Hey, way to go, Stevie! Keep up the good work! I know I can always depend on you for a good laugh and a heaping serving of irony - intentional or not!